Easy to Make Solenoid Engine


Pure motherfuckin’ magic


See the sparks in the reed switch? Yikes - that part is going to wear out awfully fast!

If you put a diode across the coil backwards (so that it doesn’t conduct when the coil is on), it will act as a snubber and absorb the excess energy that is released when coil turns off and its magnetic field collapses.


The hope here is that the lifetime of the component will be approximately equal to the lifetime of your interest in running it.


A small resistor and a small capacitor in series across the sparking gap would also kill the sparks.

I recall messing around like this as a teen with no idea what I was doing, getting nothing, and feeling vaguely stupid. It’s wonderful to have stuff like this on line to really show what is possible. Maybe it will get someone to put down the video game controller.

Next stop - jailhouse tattoo gun.


Or maybe 1W transistor with the reed switch and a 200 ohm resistor in the base. The beauty of toys like this is that you can tinker with them :smile:

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For the love of god put a counterweight on that rotor!

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I love the closeup showing the sparking, but I also love your comment.

“Big Oil Tried to Ban This. (more)”


Connect a couple Fluke meters to it, and show how it produces more energy than it consumes. Zero-point energy machine!


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