Eat Fuck Kill, the legend of the playa's first meme


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Ugh, those reviewers lack taste. That flick is great!


(plus a few more characters to make this response legitimate)


That is some pretty awesome happy circumstance and a fun story…


Thank you for sharing. I started a few years after you in '99. Good times.


I still haven’t seen it, believe it or not!


Hey, cool. A regional variation of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” where I don’t end up betrothed to Mayor McCheese.


my first year was 1996, and i can’t believe i’ve somehow missed this. the Hualapai burn wasn’t THAT big!


Skinny Puppy makes an appearance in it for christ’s sake!

Skinny Puppy!


Puts on my list to watch :slight_smile:


There might be a bit of competition for the claim of “first playa meme”. I absolutely remember seeing lots of “FUCK WORK” stickers being handed out in '97 by guy at Spiral Oasis named Srini who ran He’s still got a website up (“quality rebellion at affordable prices”), but I don’t see the aforementioned slogan anywhere… though there are a few new ones that resonate with me. Stickers don’t seem to be available anymore :frowning:

The “EAT FUCK KILL” buttons didn’t really make an impression, on me at least, till '98, when according to the article Rusty had more to hand out. I still have that button, got it at Motel 666 I think, where ever that box of old moop is, along with the sticker from Srini.


I know Srini. Fuck Work was definitely a popular sticker those days but I don’t think it was ever turned into a meme. Was it?



This whole thread is delightful! We’ve got an Eat Fuck Kill button hanging up in our kitchen, and I still have a bunch of original Fuck Work stickers from Unamerican. I used to trade zines with Srini in ~1999/2000. To this day the confluence of folks like Srini and Gregg Araki have been hugely influential in my work. Thanks @Rusty_Blazenhoff!


Was this part of the ‘Go Work on your (Fucking?) Website’ sticker set?


I had a zine at that time too… it was called Bigrig Industries Manifesto. What was yours called?


At the time it was Mutate Zine. I do a similar one now called Rumpy Pumpy. :smiley:


OMG I didn’t know there was a ZINE WIKI!!


Man, that’s crazy. I was in basic training for the Army in 1991 at Ft. Knox. I was issued a cat eye helmet band that goes on so people can see you at night. Across the front of the band someone had written, “Eat, Fuck, Kill”. Id never seen it anywhere else until this article. Thanks.

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