Ebola outbreak in Congo: things are getting worse


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This is really key. Ebola wouldn’t be hard to contain in a relatively peaceful country with solid leadership. It’s the fact that the Congo is deeply corrupt with constant infighting, a decrepit infrastructure, and rampant violence that makes it nearly impossible for health care workers to do their jobs, much less even get to the people who need it. Female doctors & nurses honestly shouldn’t even go there, due to its reputation for rape.


Having a rebel group in the area that really does not give a shit about containing the disease is a recipe for disaster. Way too many situations like this worldwide. Some scarier than this.


I feel so bad for the folks that live there. What a true nightmare to have to live in. It makes the fucked up good ol’ US of A almost seem like a first world nation again.


It’s basically all out anarchy and chaos.


Don’t expect the Donny Two Burgers to lend a hand…


I just spent two weeks in Tanzania, a country with a Trump-like president who’s cutting nearly all funds to things like primary schools, public sanitation, and healthcare, all while condemning the use of contraceptives. But everyone I talked to was like “our country is an absolute paradise next to the Congo, that place is a hell zone.”


Don’t expect the Donny Two Burgers to lend a hand…

Don’t worry. He’s seen Andromeda Strain and has a plan…okay worry.


Wait, shouldn’t we be talking about Khashoggi right now?


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