Liberia needs body bags--and many other medical supplies


I think once Ebola hits specific 3rd world countries the outbreak will definitely hit much harder. Imagine the logistical nightmare if it hit India, indonesia, South/Central America.

I think there’s always a reasonable chance that even if there was a significant outbreak in the US it could get under control. But 3rd world countries just don’t have the infrastructure and resources to organize a proper response.

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2.4 million boxes of gloves?!? And there are 100 gloves per box - 50 pairs.

Liberia only has a population of 4 million, total. And they need 120 million pairs of gloves? Something seems wrong with this math.

21 days later anyone?

Logistics? I can’t hear that word without thinking of a UPS commercial featuring a bunch of perky babbling 20-somethings.

ZOMG! I heard perky babbling is a symptom of Ebola.

That’s 30 pairs of gloves for every person. With double glove protocol, that’s only 15 changes of gloves.

Of course, not everyone in the country is providing health care, but my Fermi estimate is that they’re going through 10’s of thousands of gloves per day.


If they really want to focus on contamination control (and not just attempt to provide a bubble of protection around the worker), then they need to shed the outer gloves every time that go from touching the infected individual/contaminated items to something that should be assumed clean.

The big problem that I see in how they have people gown-up for work with ebola patients is that they have the outer gloves taped on and don’t appear to use any sacrificial gloves – that is a recipe that is guaranteed to spread contamination everywhere.

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It’s hitting plenty hard now in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. It’s a runaway train, and it’s going to take a lot of outside assistance to put the brakes on.

Nigeria did all right, though. Nineteen cases, eight deaths, and soon enough time will have passed that they can be declared Ebola-free. Some countries have better infrastructure and resources than others . . .

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