Ecstasy, ketamine, shrooms, and meth are legal in Ireland for just one day. But not weed


That combination sounds like a complete and total circulatory shutdown. :). Seriously kids, Do Not Try This At Home.

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They’ve been legal since yesterday. Walked in to town this morning to find a smoking wasteland of rubble and bands of shambling walking dead. Zombie apocalypse…

Or, you know, just a normal day. Exactly like it would be if they made them legal for reals.

On a side note: this was the Supreme Court over ruling the use of executive power to legislate without Dail (parliament) approval. I approve strongly.


i’m happy that ir (semi) proves that just because something is legal doesn’t mean people are stupid enough to try it :smiley:

And all the Little People rejoiced!

Well, it’s Ireland, so they don’t want you setting fire to anything green– it’s pretty damned unpatriotic.



Legal to possess, but still illegal to sell. So, where does one acquire it if one cannot buy it?

“Illegal to sell” and “impossible to buy” are orthogonal claims.

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