Eddie Van Halen's Lamborghini was the revving in 'Panama'

Originally published at: Eddie Van Halen's Lamborghini was the revving in 'Panama' | Boing Boing

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Not sure if he misspoke or was misquoted but 8,000 RPM is more realistic.



I definitely heard this story on DLR’s podcast (which is exactly the sort of fabulous disaster you would hope and expect from the man, the myth, the long-in-the-tooth Diamond Dave).

I really never knew the song was inspired by a car, but… I was young and dumb in the 80s.

/now, I am middle age and dumb, as one should expect

Well, The Art Of Noise’s Beat Box (released in 1983, a year before this) famously used engine revving to excellent effect. I’m not saying he stole the idea from The Art Of Noise, but the notion was at least in the zeitgeist at the time and it wasn’t some revolutionary idea.

Still remember when I was 13 and that drum intro came on on the car tape player, my mom thought the car had gotten a flat


I wouldn’t exactly revving, but…

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