Little Honda by the Hondells


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Surprised those don’t use continuously variable transmissions.

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I’m surprised that this whole thing was not actually a viral marketing campaign by Honda - it was a real song and a real(ish) band… man the 60’s were so innocent.

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The craziest thing about that video was the screaming fans. How starved for excitement were they that they screamed for the Hondells?

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I’m surprised this didn’t gain fame by being decried as “stirring unhealthy impulses of a sexual nature” by the PTA!

Well I know where they got parts of Skeet Surfing USA from now.


I blame the Beatles/Elvis. While those guys were around, shrill girl-screams were the expected norm.

Check Yo La Tengo’s dreamy cover…

This was the same Sixties that brought us LP records of the sound of dragsters racing down the quarter mile.

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Amazingly, variants of this style Honda are still being manufactured for “emerging markets” to this day…

It is the kick ass center stand.


The blonde on the right (without glasses) in Teri Garr.

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