This Volvo's door chime plays Toto's 'Africa' in 8 bit


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so as a dark skinned former chatholic who finds this continued placement of a song in empty malls & car doors unecessary i considered that only white male catholics may possess the capacity to labor under such dark humor.


we used to have a thing about elevator music…



You could have skipped reddit and sourced yourself you know.


I miss the Volvo 240.


I posted something similar last month, but as an unapologetic nerdfan of author Steve Almond, I’ll take a moment to recommend highly his essay breaking down the listening experience of Toto’s Africa in his book “Rock and Roll Will Save your Life.” Not easy to find online, but you can hear him read it here:

N.B. Unrelated, his non-fiction book “Candyfreak” is also a good read.


the cirrrrcle of liiiiiinks.

fwiw I got sent the video last week from a pal.


They’re epic vehicles. I had three over the years. None purchased with <150K on them, One ran well into the 400Ks without any problems. Until there were all the problems, at once.


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