New Weezer video for "Africa" with special guest star Weird Al


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Weezer has always been kind of self-referential and they’re all sort of funny guys, but that’s what I like about them. I’d rather have a band that’s fun and good natured over some jerks that take themselves too seriously.


Can’t believe how good Al looks at age 58!

Just remembered he’s been a vegetarian for decades now… that’s what good eating will do for you:)


How can a vegetarian produce so much Grade A ham in a single performance?


I know that Weezer’s cover was done as a joke, but this song is getting major airplay on my local top-40 pop radio station.

I wish they had spent a little more time and effort in making a more interesting cover, because it’s really just a verbatim mimic of Toto’s original, minus David Paich’s superior vocal range.


I really wish the text hadn’t given it away because I would have been waiting most of that video for Weird Al to show up!

Hopefully I would have figured it out before the kick.


I miss the doggies :’( why no doggies???



Vocals are far from the the only area Weezer isn’t up to Toto’s level.


this is getting so meta i can’t even keep track anymore.



Did they do it in order to piss off Joey?


Episodic TOTO fans raging that Weezer’s inferior sound is stealing the original legend are totally making my day.


Toto covered Hash Pipe… I hear you like meta in your meta…


Seconding this.

Their lead singer’s voice can’t carry this song. If only we could get Wierd Al to sing it!


Took the kids to see Ringo and his All-Star band a couple weeks ago. When the band started playing this (the dude from Toto was in the band), my teenage daughter said, “hey! this is Africa!”

A few days ago, she brought it up again and mentioned Weezer and told me, “you know, they did that Buddy Holly song” … yeah, I know who they are, thanks.


I had to hear it:

I like it! This song is totally in Toto’s wheelhouse.


stop it! stop it! stop it! this was a great song once. stop perpetuating the lazy meme.


Was it though? I really loses momentum after the first chorus and while I wouldn’t go so far as to call it racist, it’s a pretty culturally ignorant song. Serviceable? Yes. Good? Probably. Great? Nah.


I don’t know about great. It’s fairly banal, lyrically. But it’s a pretty good exemplar of 80’s kitsch, and the chorus is probably one of the most recognizable to people who didn’t grow up listening to it enough to be sick of it.