Weezer's video for "Take On Me" cover stars Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard and his band Calpurnia


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Finn Wolfhard is still the best band name ever given to an actual human being. Or the best D&D character.


“There’s some leftover pizza if you’re hungry”

An entire pizza with one slice removed and left on top…


This is fun, but I’d love to see Weezer do some covers that they make their own rather than just straight up covers. I understand staying true to the original etc, but part of the beauty of art is taking something existing and making it new. An excellent example of this is Daughter’s version of Get Lucky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5Cp55MvX54


I guess watching people struggle to separate that first slice without losing all the toppings and/or touch the entire rest of the pizza, isn’t exactly conducive to music video enjoyment?

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i liked this way more than i was expecting. as a Gen-Xer, it’s so weird to see Millennials and Gen-Z kids gush over the 70s and 80s. i guess i get it, though: we had crushes with the 50s and 60s in our own way. even 90s nostalgia is starting to rear its head, which is SUPER crazy to me.

EDIT: i forgot to add – WTF was that Apple ][ doing in that video? was it supposed to be an instrument? come on, Weezer, don’t be so silly!


The struggle is real.


Yes indeed, and seeing the youngins sometimes get things wrong makes me realize what the olduns must have been thinking when their lives got recycled and repackaged.

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Yes! I just do not understand these Weezer covers. They sound so much like the originals I don’t care about them.


Yeah, I thought of that. But is an entire pizza really “leftover”? Take about a third of it away, and then have the piece he needs to grab on his way by isolated in the empty space. It just stood out to me as odd.

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“Leftover pizza”?
Ain’t no such thing.


They did a nice job!


Considering Weezer’s break-out video had them inserted into a TV show made in the 70’s about the 50’s… this seems about right… A 90’s band covers an 80’s song with a millennial actor known for a role in a 10’s throwback to 80’s horror films. It’s nostalgia all the way down.


Man, that house is a hot mess of bad remods.

[Except that bookcase room divider - that thing is awesome.]


Whats the point? We already have the original and a true to the original cover is never going to be the original.


Same, I listened to their Africa cover, which also had a great video, but it’s like… they are just playing Africa. It was bizarre.


I liked Calpurnia’s video much more.


Imagine a pop song as a little balloon, slowly losing helium year after year as history rolls over it. When some contemporary band gets the weirdo idea to randomly cover it, the balloon gets a little injection of helium. It’s still going to deflate and fall into the sea eventually, but maybe a kid sees it who wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, and it enters their imagination, and something is changed. Maybe they make their own band that decides to cover it, or rip-off part of it, etc.

Weezer didn’t do anything transformative to the songs at all (which itself is kind of amazing in its unflinching droll-ness) but they refreshed a pack of songs for the metaphorical time capsule, for better or worse.


I would highly recommend everyone goes and listens to the “response” cover from Toto, that got barely any attention - Weezers Hashpipe.

The two bands were on tour together when Weezer’s Africa dropped, so its pretty clear how this came about. Toto did a much better job of not just sounding like they were Weezer imo, and it’s a darn shame their side of this coin didn’t get more exposure.

Edit - actually it looks like they weren’t on tour together, even though I am absolutely adamant I remember that happening. Cant find any evidence on the goog’s :confused:


So, it’s like a hip ‘Primer’?