Turnaround's fair game: Toto cover's Weezer's Hash Pipe

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Toto is such a far superior band to Weezer, it’s not even close. They killed this cover, so much better than the original. Conversely, Weezer’s cover of Africa is limp and lifeless, animated only by self important cynicism and smarmy shallow sarcasm. Bravo, Toto!


Nothing is ever as grand as it was when I was fifteen.


Wow, even on this lossy cam version, it sounds great.

Imagine being so good, your mastery of your music so great that you can make studio quality sound at a concert.

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I dunno if all of that is true, but I think weezer just wasn’t quite skilled for it.
A little more practice and they’d have been a lot better.

I dunno why the Weezer cover got so popular. It is a near identical cover to the original. Other than that synth solo it sounds remarkably like the original. It seems to me covers should try to make them their own in some way.

But eh, I liked it. Toto’s cover is pretty good too.


That seems to have been the idea. There’s this little trend going on for note for note covers of songs.

Toto’s explaination for why they did “hash pipe” was great too. Something along the lines of “we’ve been smoking hash since before weezer were born, so we figured we had to.”

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Yeah, Weezer’s cover was even recorded/mixed badly. The choruses sound like shit. Over compressed AF.

Disclaimer: I haven’t given a shit about Weezer since Pinkerton.

Probably not. These are professional musicians (all of whom are multi-instrumentalists) that know their shit and have already spent countless thousands of hours practicing. Cuomo himself is a virtuoso, despite never bothering to really show it. As well, the prep and study he puts into writing are legendary (even if he stopped writing good songs two decades ago.). So yeah. I doubt it’s practice, or lack of skill.

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TIL Toto still tours.


Toto is one of the best studio backing bands of all time. They backed Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Sonny& Cher, Seals & Crofts. Early 80s music sounds like Toto because Toto was playing a large chunk of early 80s music. They are all top-notch musicians and I knew they would absolutely kill this.


I was worried something was wrong when I thought Toto’s Hash Pipe was the better of the two covers… thanks for defusing that little musical-taste-failure bomb, I feel ok now.

Okay Google, cross-license these songs…

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