Weezer evidently enjoys Fortnite

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Are they Taylor Swift?

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I don’t know what that is, a spread for toast?


This is a sign of marketing things to come in the online space. This is the closest bullshit to Ready Player One I’ve seen. Including the megalomaniac trying to take shit over, but luckily all the soccer skins stopped her.

Weezer has a history of showing up in the tech world in interesting places. I’ll never forget my Windows 95 CD with the music video for Buddy Holly.


Weezer jumped the shark.

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It IS a spread for toast.

Weezer have this weird habit of going viral with a video about once a decade. The 90s gave us Buddy Holly, as you mention, then in the 2000s (we never did agree for a name for that decade, did we?) they gave us the tribute to meme culture that was Pork and Beans, and now all their Africa covers are taking over the internet. So I expect 2029 to be an interesting year for them.

I keep waiting for Rivers Cuomo to come out of the closet and take his place at the right hand of Steve Vai. That will be a viral video for ages.

That guy can seriously play, and almost nobody knows it.

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