Weird Al joins Weezer onstage to perform Toto's 'Africa'

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Nice! And a fun way to kick off my weekend, whoop!


Does he really need to announce who that is?


Amazingly, probably not. He’s had so many hits over so many decades that there is a version of Weird Al for all ages! I was amazed when my 11 yo son and I saw him recently how diverse the audience was. I mean, it was 99% nerd, but other than that a great mix of ages, races and genders.


Just saw this show (sans Weird Al, sadly) in Denver, touring with the Pixies - Weezer really killed it.

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Yeah, he’s like They Might Be Giants in the cross-generational appeal.


1.) It would have been hard for me to believe back in 1980 that the guy doing a cover of the Knack’s “My Sharona” as “My Bologna” would have such a long career, but god bless him, he’s an American treasure.

2.) I look into the crowd and see all the lights from smartphones, and just shake my head that so many people spend concerts watching it all on a little screen when it’s right there in front of them, life sized and 3D.

3.) on the other hand I wouldn’t get to see this clip if not for them recording the show. So fair enough.


Probably the people with the smartphones are recording it for themselves, if they aren’t forbidden from doing so. I probably would, but then, we like Weird Al. Saw the clip on Wednesday, good stuff.

When I saw the title, Weird Al joins Weezer onstage to perform Toto’s ‘Africa’, I immediately thought “OMG the Africa keyboard solo on accordion!!!”

And I was not disappointed.

That’s a great solo, btw.


Crowd seems to have been loving it, great show!

“Cross-generational Appeal” is also They Might Be Giants’ latest single.

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