Edgar Allan Poe hoodie


“Paypal only” checkout makes me sad … because now I don’t have an EAP hoodie.

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I remember when these were called hooded sweatshirts.

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I would happily Poes in that hoodie. I love that scarf-jobbie matched against his eyes in that photo.

There aren’t really that many portraits of Poe.

And that one is my favorite.

You can run a regular credit card through a PayPal check out without being signed up for, or having anything to do with, PayPal. I have to explain this fact to people again and again about my company’s website (FYI, I’m not affiliated with these EAP guys), we just chose PayPal as a credit card processor b/c they’re cheap and it was easy.

Nice to see boingboing accepting paid posts for Mr. Poe apparel but denying paid posts for anti-NSA apparel…

This isn’t a “paid post.” If it was a paid advertisement, you would know. How? It would say: ADVERTISEMENT

Does paypal get a cut in this method?

Because THAT is why I don’t use paypal. Cut the fish off at the head.

I know your huge wall of text already. Thanks for taking the time.

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