Edible flowers preserved in lollipops

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Root beer? You’re willing to take a delicate edible flower and drench it in root beer? Candy can be made in several floral flavors already. I remember, years ago, you could get a candy in NYC and nowhere else called Violets, and they were actually violet flavored. Do they make those any more?

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Abbaye de Flavigny makes flower flavored pastilles in violet and rose. I think their orange is actually orange blossom also. I always loved the rose ones, even if they were a bit like perfume. Now that you’ve reminded me, I’ll have to find some.


My Adblocker won’t let me follow the links. Hmmmm. Pretty though.

They look amazing! but the cost of shipping to the UK would kill me…

They Still have them over on this side of the Atlantic.

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Yum! Different company, same idea. I think that ones you could get in NYC were probably made by some old Jew in a basement apartment. Same goes for Manhattan Special soda!

Was it C Howard’s maybe? They were made by one guy in Manhattan… at least back in the 30’s. :slight_smile:


Ya, love those…
Love just about any violet candy.
Mmmmm, now I’m thinking about rose sorbet…

Yes! Those! I wonder if they still exist?

(I always thought they were Chowards.)

EDIT: Internet says yes! http://www.chowardcompany.com/

I’m a fan of hibiscus in things like sorbet, tea, or bubble tea. I like rose tea too. A friend and I recently discussed making popsicles with edible flowers suspended in them.

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