How it's made: hard crystal candies with cherry-flavored roses inside


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Boing Boing is stalking my YouTube channel favorites again. Humbug!


This is definitely better than putting insects in hard candy.

Burn it with fire.


Crystal Roses […] nothing but hot sugar, and flavors

Welp, off to the artisinal Band Names shop…

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

I don’t want to know! Obviously they’re made by fairies using pure magic. That’ all I need to know!


But are the fairies adequately compensated for their work? And are there sufficient protections in the workplace against abuses of magic?


You think I care? Their oppression is delicious! What’s the Federal standard for fairy parts in candy? Raise it! Run that assembly line top speed!


Makes me think of methods for making lampwork beads.


Or made from fairies.


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