Eduard Khil, of Trololo fame, died five years ago


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I’m honestly considering a psycho billy [] version of that for our band.


Not bad, but I don’t think they’ll ever top their Freddy Mercury tribute…


He’s been memorialised in one of the best games of recent memory, so he’ll live on:


Their animation is OK. But it’s no improvement on the original.

That guy makes me smile.


You realize that this is the anniversary of his birth date…not the date he died…


Sir and/or Madam, I believe you are correct.


Sure, that one is good, but I’m rather partial to the Clair de Lune doodle, mostly because I learned to play the thing without ever having heard it and somehow got it more or less right. The score is a bit of a jaw-dropper for intermediate piano.


your intel is wrong. you’ve been… trolololaol lol lol lol loled


Sleep well, benevolent grandfather of trolls everywhere.

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