OtherMichael Joyeux Anniversaire


Continuing the discussion from Happy birthday, OtherMichael!:

Let’s take a moment to remember the entitled pirate @othermichael.

We once had a remembering OM topic in the Lounge (when he lost regularity because babby preparations), so I suppose that it is time to have a final remembrance.


I’ll start.
OtherMichael was a person* who occasionally posted bad jokes – this kept him up at night.

*not conclusively confirmed, however, Turing results always pointed to personhood.


Let us all remember OtherMichael, not as he was, for some of us the emotional wounds and restraining orders are still too raw, but rather let us cling to the OtherMichael we all aspire to be, that bot-creating, Canuck-hating, man-mountain of a man without whom this world would be a much poorer place.

OM, it was nice to have known you. Now, will you please pay back that $50?


I think this would be only fitting:


Sometimes he was just tinkering, but then GAME!

Not an easy one to follow since ya need to decode the images…


A present, to us all:




Oh @OtherMicheal, you were the man in the pretty pink hat when I got here, and I finally believed in love at first sight. I hope you’re being waited on hand and foot, up there in bot heaven, and if you aren’t I know you will soon script your way into paradise. Be strong brave knight, you taught us your lessons well. It’s time to lay down your heavy burdens and let us carry you home.


P.S. Just in case, I got you one of these to put on the corner of your cloud:


OtherMichael was a rat bastard who couldn’t have been set straight if you smacked him upside the head with the BB guidelines printed out in poorly kerned 90-point Impact. An obstinate, ostentatious upstart who knew where the line was only once he’d crossed it.

We miss him dearly.


If it wasn’t for @OtherMichael, I’d still be harboring the delusion that a country named Finland exists on planet Earth.

OM, we hardly knew ye.



The likes. All the likes. Even the ones you forgot about, those two-years-ago posts that were whatevs…and then the OM likes would flow like irrationally exuberant vino.

He’s probably the Gamer of Games up there in bot-land.

fucking bullshit vengeance.



To OtherMichael;


Thanks for the link. :wink:

Happy belated birthday OM.



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