What will @othermichaels next game be


Rule 1: make a prediction about what @OtherMichael’s next game will be
Rule 2: see if the prediction comes true
Rule 3: See rule 1


Internet Staring Contest


@OtherMichael’s next game will be something that we can play.


I’m just gonna put this out there–his next game will be Guess What’s In My Pocket.


Singularity. In which @OtherMichael creates the perfect bot, uploads his consciousness into it, and becomes the game.


I’d play the shit outta that.


#Not a chance, rule-breakers


Next game is: Why Do I Seem Dubious?

Did you ever want to play questions?

Bot Strip Poker


Forum ascii art tetris


Oooh! I’ll write a tracker for the music! That’ll take as input forum ASCII art!

…No I won’t. I’m not that good of a coder. But it’d still be cool.



The first person to do anything loses, and gets declared a commie Marxist socialist lib’rul by everyone else.


How many .gifs can you stack on your head?


@OtherMichael’s next game will be “who can get him to throw the biggest hissy fit due to rule infractions” (at least that’s how I will interpret the rules)



Othermichael’s next game will be Michael Borys-style product reviews. In order to play, one buys Othermichael a gift from his Amazon™ Wishlist™ for him to review.


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