A game where we try to figure out all of othermichael's sock accounts /s


I finally managed to get my sock account @othermichael banned.

Can you guess which other of the posts below are from me and my various other(michael) sock accounts and which are real individual members?

? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?
? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?

I obviously missed the drama when this happened last year.

Honestly hadn’t considered the possibility that someone with such a gregarious and giving heart would ever be taken at his word when he indulged in what I’ve come to think of as one of the defining senses of humour on the internet, and for all I know, the world.

Consider this a sarcastic game to let off steam and provoke discussion on however a conversation about banning can be spun to take place within the confines of the playground rules.

That’s what happening.

My motivation:


Rich, chocolatey goodness.


This is seriously fucked up.


I only use this sock when I am feeling like an asshole.




I don’t actually touch it…


Most appropriate, given how shitty this place is getting to feel. Hoping it’s just today. Fuck today


… So, would you say that some of the socks are crusty? :lenny:



Clearly I missed a lot during my hiatus.


A hiatus, you say?


I am not, and have never been an @othermichael sock account.

That fungal foot odour that you’re smelling is clearly coming from somewhere else.


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