Eerie lifelike sculpture of Harry Houdini


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Good God I thought this was the creator in makeup…

every single hair on Houdini’s head was punched in one by one…

That sounds so grisly painful!


He looks to me like he’s thinking, “Couldn’t they have done a lifelike sculpture of me when I was younger and in better shape?”

Unless you watch Face/Off and then you realize they can do anything during a commercial break.


Reading the blog view, for a second there I thought the top pic was actually Mr. Hyde.

[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:69387”]Why is he still stuck so acutely in America’s collective cultural subconscious today?[/quote]I thought the catchy name had a big part in it.

The earliest pop-culture ref I can recall is a particularly neat episode of The Real Ghostbusters (Venkman ends up wandering through a Dali painting, among other things), but somehow even then I was already familiar with his name.


But I grew up thinking that Houdini looked like Starsky!


You remember Houdini
Who not a shackle could hold
Carved a trap door into Heaven
To escape growin’ old

Grant Lee Buffalo


For some reason I always pictured him looking more like this:

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