EFF is hiring an activist!


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I’m activist’ing right now.

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Does “online polemic-hole with rather wimpy human arms” have anything to do with the position ?

Also bad with money ?


Given that Facebook and Google are likely to turn over whatever data is needed to the government if only they ask, e.g. in case of war, such an activist should also be fighting to outlaw the “surveillance” in surveillance capitalism. It should be forbidden, with GDPR-like draconian fines, for any service to collect data which is not vital for the execution of that service.

I.e., no scanning of email, no profiling, no registration of old searches or location. My main point here is that Google and Facebook’s surveillance is NSA surveillance. Google was a military contractor from day one, for crying out loud.



You… you’ve been… activating me this whole time?

/uncomfortably pinches blouse collar shut


Activist powers Activate!
Update the wiretap rules and apply them to wireless telephony. Make warrants mandatory and disallow rubber stamp workarounds (looking at you FISA).

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