EFF: the NSA has endangered us all by sabotaging security


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Futhermore, Keith Alexander, head of the NSA should face criminal prosecution for treasonous and unconstitutional spying on American citizens.

This warrants the death penalty because of its scope, its damage to the American economy, and its damage to American security.


I know BB has a lot of computer geniuses, so perhaps one of you might answer this for me.
How secure is the site to sign up for the healthcare marketplace? With the security issues created by the NSA, is the site essentially a one stop shopping spot for hackers looking to get social security numbers? I haven’t been able to sign up yet, but I have had an uneasy feeling about it.

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“Fairly secure.” I mean, if they’re even remotely competent at their job they’ll be at least as secure as whatever website your bank provides for managing your account. But nothing plugged into the internet is totally secure. Something can always go wrong.

Just keep in mind this would have been true with or without the NSA’s interference. It’s like sex, the only 100% guaranteed way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence. Which means you have a decision to make… is 99% certainty good enough to make you comfortable?


I’m not going to be satisfied until I see the NSA servers that sniffed our traffic sitting outside Verizon’s data center.

This plan to put the NSA back in box requires VERIFICATION.

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So secure, it doesn’t even work for for DHHS.


Treat it like any intertubes site… it isn’t secure. That said, the information they have isn’t all that exciting in the grand scheme of things. You could file the information there as “mildly important”. They can’t steal your money, but if they managed to hack the site and take all the user profiles, they would have a good start for rocking some identity theft, which while annoying, isn’t generally the end of the world. Social security numbers, names, and addresses are a dime a dozen and not all that valuable.

Whenever you hand over your password, you should just assume that it is going to be stolen along with your e-mail address and user name… which is why you should never use the same password twice, especially for important things. For truly important things, you should be using two step encryption.


Is it just me, or is the NSA a bit shit?

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“To the consumer and other adversaries, however, the systems’ security remains intact.”

This should be emphasized. Little people, the agency you pay to protect you considers you to be their adversary.

Feel safer yet?

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