Eggs are bad....again

From the CNN article: A potential reason for inconsistent results in the past was the fact that other studies did not take into account that egg consumption may be related to other unhealthy behaviors, such as low physical activity, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Additionally, cholesterol-containing foods are usually rich in saturated fat and animal protein.

[What’s above explains what caused inconsistencies (and overstated conclusions?) present in previous studies. As to this latest study]

Per the study’s authors: “In contrast, the current study included comprehensive assessment of these factors,” Zhong and his co-authors wrote.

[It sounds like this latest study clearly accounted for and eliminated the effects of the aforementioned contributing factors and focused on the effect of eggs primarily because of the flawed egg-focused conclusions of previous studies. Call me Monday Morning Johnny, but it seems incredibly strange that the other studies didn’t correct for the “I eat lots of eggs, but I eat healthy otherwise” data they had in their hands, data that fueled this latest study. Scientists and researchers tend to be (necessarily) anal, but I guess some are perilously less so. Obviously, Zhong and company had the luxury of having ready access to a useful amount of “egg-only” data, enough to build a sizeable aggregate.]

The case for serving up lots of cholesterol:


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