Egypt warned Israel it was about to be attacked

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If only they had told Condoleezza Rice…


Thank you for the link.


The truth is that he’s a “hapless” buffoon and was distracted by his own priorities.

One of those priorities has been maintaining Hamas as a sort of controllable boogeyman to avoid entering into negotiations with the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank (which in turn would alienate his ultra-nationalist settler political allies). Netanyahu wasn’t the chef, but he helped set the table.


‘Hapless buffoon’?

Not that likely, but not entirely free from scrutiny. I had my suspicions about him since a few months ago. Around the time he did this interview with Lex Fridman.

He was pretty damn insistent that all of the corruption scandals and recent pre-attack turmoil was due to foreign powers in that video above and not of any fault of his own. Like a guy blaming the dog for a fart before anyone had smelled it. A guy who thinks he’s too clever. Bro thinks he’s like Lelouch Lamperouge in that he could bring lasting peace with underhanded schemes and feigned self-sacrifice but instead it came out that his government had been paying Hamas under the table to give the appearance of an increasing peace only to have that money end up ultimately being used against them in these recent attacks. There’s no way that the infamously paranoid groups of people like the IDF and Mossad had no sort of suspicions about a bunch of dudes throwing around money to get paragliders and bulldozers into position.


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