Egyptian teen science whiz defects to US after science fair


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Well it’s nice to know that someone at least still considers the US a good place to defect to.


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Your image link ended in a “referral denied” but that seemed somehow totally germaine to the conversation anyway…

Dang links that work for a little bit then aslpode. Should be fixed now.

Punchline: In another decade or so this young man’s work will probably get co-opted for some military application that we will happily sell to the Egyptian military to help oppress one of his remaining relatives.


“They found it illogical to say that I stole tanks, so they changed it to cars”

And this is how a totalitarian regime loses its scientific future one kid at a time.

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Not unlike how the USA does it. Except we just do it by skin color and religion… oh, wait…

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Unless the official position of the US has changed, is it actually likely he’ll be permitted to stay? Doesn’t the idea of being granted refugee status because you’ll be arrested depends on the US government officially stating that the Egyptian government is essentially illegitimate?

I’m hoping I’m wrong, but honestly, I’m not hopeful for his chances of being granted asylum unless there’s a lot of leeway to break the rules for politically visible cases.

Or unless the USA is willing to alienate one of its few allies in the region to save this young man from gross injustice (I’m willing to take his word that he didn’t personally steal two tanks. And if he did, then the American government really should grant him asylum and his own super-hero team.)


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