Egypt's "Jon Stewart" made fun of the corrupt government and was forced to flee


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This guy is awesome.


I think i recall reading about this guy here at BB or elsewhere years ago. He and his crew are definitely brave for having done what they did for a number of years. It’s sad that the host had to flee to keep his safety but i definitely applaud him for his efforts.


I don’t think Jon Stewart likes the “Jon Stewart of Egypt” comparison. He’s pretty quick to point out that he never took the kind of personal risks that Youssef has.


Naturally. Jon Stewart is privileged to not have to fear that authorities might kill or hurt him, but he definitely made a name for himself for being a wickedly funny yet intelligent voice for political commentary and satire. In that aspect then the comparison is a good descriptor for Youssef for those that might not be familiar with him.


Here is a good interview:


Jon Stewart calls himself the “Bassem Youssef of America”


They’re both epic.


FWIW he did a series of ~7 minute shows on Fusion last year called “Democracy Handbook” they are pretty good.


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