Jon Stewart grills Iraq war booster Judith Miller



That was a very uncomfortable interview. It looked like Stewart could barely keep himself from standing up and shouting well-deserved obscenities at Miller.


Anyone got a link to the video for the other 6.9 billion of us?


Say what you will about Judith Miller, but she’s a master of evasive prevaricating while simultaneously proving very point she’s trying to dodge. The end of the interview was a spectacular example:

STEWART: I appreciate you coming on the program. These discussions always make me incredibly sad, because I feel like they point to institutional failure at the highest levels, and no one will take responsibility for them, and they pass the buck to every individual other than themselves. And it’s sad.

MILLER: I think they point to intelligence failures that I still worry about, every day, because we’re still relying on the same intelligence communities to give us information about Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, and the other countries we have to deal with.

I wish Jon Stewart had closed with, “Quod erat demonstrandum.”


She has been all over selling this garbage book of hers.

Stewart gave the best interview I have seen.

Even he misses the obvious question.

If they had good intelligence on WMD’s Why couldn’t they give Hans Blix anything than allowed him to find anything remotely related to their storage or production.


Why do I have to go to a “comedy” show to get this level of discourse?
I cannot recall the last time I saw such a cohesive, heated, controlled argument on television.
We need more of this.


One way for those outside the US to watch the show, is through Windows 8. You download the free Comedy Central app via the Microsoft store app.

Of course it won’t let those outside the US to download the app. So first you go into Control Panel / Clock, Language and Region / Region and change your location to the Excited States. Remember to change it back once the app is installed. You will not need to change your region to watch shows later.

Being a “metro” app it automatically takes the entire screen. Drag down from the top of the screen and to the side to reduce it to part of the screen.

The app has a qwerk: If after watching a show you exit the app from the episode list, when you go back into the app the next day, you’ll still be in the episode list with no new episode. Back out of the episode list and go back in to refresh it.

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Forget shouting. Just watch the way his left hand is working that death-grip on the pen—he looks like he’s drawing upon superhuman levels of willpower just to restrain himself from stabbing her through the eye socket.


My preferred means of circumventing the block is a little Firefox extension called Modify Headers. All it takes is a little tweak to the HTTP request; there’s no need to resort to a proxy server or anything more heavy-duty.

Does the AP style guide have a chapter yet on the subtly differing shades of meaning conveyed by “grills”, “blasts”, and “rips” yet?

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Right out of the gate, her brilliant defense was, “Hey, these guys gave me good information in the past, so it wasn’t my fault I uncritically believed and reprinted everything they said.”

I mean, what is she, some kind of person who skeptically analyzes what powerful people tell her so the public can form a reasoned opinion? Geez, I know there’s a word for that job …

Oh, well. Back to Meet the Press.


How does she get around Cheney leaking her [false] information, and Cheney going on the talkshows citing her NYT articles based on this [false] information as corroboration?

(Perhaps, this is why she’s found a comfortable home at Fox News?)


Circular logic is circular, I suppose.


Perfectly circular indeed. Like the cross-section of an aluminum tube! One that can be used for rockets but not enriching uranium?


Of course someone in the U.S. could download it for the rest of us - geo blocking B$. Stories like this affect everyone in the world, not just U.S. citizens. Another reason why information shouldn’t be blocked.

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