Einstein's stinky leather jacket sold for $144,000


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I bet it smells “smart”, really smart!


“one leather jacket solved the coat problem for years.”’

That guy, always solving the universe’s most complex problems.


For that kind of money, I would expect that they sold the jacket with a pair of armpit fans. Problem solved!


oh come on… like you’re not even the TINIEST bit curious what einstein’s pipe smoke smelled like.


Completely apocryphal but I heard a story that he never bothered to memorize his phone number because it was in the phone book.


Another problem solved!

It actually reminds me of Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly”, how he had a closet filled with the exact same suit, so he never had to waste time thinking about what to wear.


If I was filthy rich and this thing actually fit, yeah, I could see going for it, and then actually wearing it around. Maybe Elon Musk bought it?


$144,000? I just bought one through Amazon for half that price!


Dang it, I knew I was missing some Prime Day bargains.



That was Steve Jobs in “real life.”


Can anyone on here… from memory not googling, explain relativity?


from memory, not googled!!eleven!


Heh. “Musk, Elan”


Nice. :slight_smile:


No, but I do own a shabby leather jacket.


Yup. We know because they showed it on the screen.

Ummm …

(Too soon?)





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