"Either join us or grow other potatoes," says Pepsi to small farmers in India it's suing

I guess the pollen that carries the genome doesn’t blow through the air from the potato plants and fertilize other potato plants?

How much do you want to bet that the potatos the Indian farmers have are NOT genetically identical to the Lays patented ones?

Mutations will out. Bite it, Pepsi.


Someone pointed them out.

Invasion of the Pepsi Snatchers


Collectively the potatoes form a mesh network and ping Pepsi with their serial numbers and authorization tokens. It took many generations of breeding to perfect this.


This being India, the farmers had to get a chit to grow those spuds. The chit-issuing authority will get roasted for spilling the beans (and me, for mixing my metaphors).

All your spuds are belong to us.

Looking for those Other Potatoes?

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