El Chapo went down because his sysadmin sold him out


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In a battle of the minds, nerds usually have the advantage over cartel bosses.

Unless it’s the uber dangerous nerd/drug boss hybrid


Just to rectify, El Chapo was a Mexican Drug Lord.


Wonder what he’s going to do his the $5 Million in reward money?



Sysadmins are to their employers what janitors are to high school students. Mess with them at your peril.


So El Chapo went down in a hail of bytes?


Confirmation of what I call The Rule of S’s: in any organization, there are certain people who it is essential to have on your side, because they’re the ones who make everything happen. If they like you, anything is possible; if they don’t, everything becomes vastly more difficult. I call it the Rule of S’s because the first three groups that I identified all begin with ‘S’: secretaries, sergeants and system administrators.


Um, given what non-(presumably)-homicidal CEOs routinely do to sysadmins who attract their displeasure, I would assume this guy will be using his reward money on artificial limbs? Or maybe eyes.


A good rule. Included in this list, though not an “S”, are hospital RNs. One doctor I know always tells the first-year residents he mentors to be very nice to the nurses and listen to them.


(we know this because the feds made recordings of El Chapo screaming furious, terrifying abuse at Cifuentes over one of those insecure channels).

Unlike most bad bosses, threats to cut off your head and shit down your neck are rather more credible coming from a narco.


Yes. Broadly speaking, the key people you want to befriend are the ones who (a) do the day-to-day work that keeps everything going, and (b) incorporate the institutional memory of the organization. They may not have fancy college degrees, but they have experience and huge practical intelligence. They also have long memories and no tolerance for bullshit. You annoy them or underestimate that at your peril.


Including Secrets that can used against people. The usual phrase is “They know where the bodies are buried.”


I heard about this one billionaire entrepreneur in the 90s who didn’t treat his SysAdmin with enough respect and it ended with a bunch of people getting eaten by dinosaurs.


So; sysadmins rule the world? wink


If I had a nickel for every time someone dissed a sysadmin and a bunch of people got eaten by dinosaurs as a result, well, I’d probably be a billionaire with my own sysadmins. Who I’d be careful to treat very, very well indeed.


Bastard Operator in Hell?


Right up there with barber/stylist and cook/waitperson.


Saw this and had to share. Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor. The epitome of nerd/criminal mastermind



The would greatly reduce the suck of the DCU.