Elderly crook nailed for clever identity theft scheme in which he allegedly changed victim's name to his own




This is almost like an identity swap :id:


Give the guy a job, jeesus.


Who is the angry clappy man, and why is he so angry and clappy?


Orson Welles, no? And I think he’s just applauding with gusto.


“he has never seen one in which a defendant changed the identity theft victim’s name to his own name”
I can only assume this is the first one that’s been caught.


Yes. It’s the scene in Citizen Kane where Kane’s wife has just given an awful singing performance and he is trying to get the rest of the crowd to clap anyway.



Forgot to mention, it’s only lightly explained in the site, but through my observation, some people use it as a serious enthusiastic clap in oppose of a sarcastic one.


At 81 years old? Really?


Death penalty.


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