Long-lost amusement park clown found in sex offender's home


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At this point, isn’t it kind of like returning a used tissue?


Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside.


That photo is pure gold.


I am so disappointed to learn the clown is merely a model. More citizens need to step up and handle the problem of real clowns.

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Is this a sponsored link?

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Anyone else imagine a guy in a trailer sitting on the edge of his bed in his underwear with a shadowed figure slumped at a weird angle in the corner behind him, while a mocking, clownish voice cackles over and over and over, “Do it, Damian! You know you want to!!”?

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** * shudders* * *

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Isn’t this an opening scene from a horror movie?

Again and again you want to believe that the world isn’t too much like a badly written crime series, but you will always be disappointed.


That clown is gonna need years of therapy and AA meetings.


I can’t wait for Louie to take the stand in Damian’s trial.

I wouldn’t put it past that clown to have framed the guy for its own unspeakable crimes.


They took it back.

A human being decided that they wanted that horrific thing even knowing that it had in all likelihood, been used.

Ponder that for a moment.

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Maybe they were just a couple of sex offender buds hanging out. Because you know a clown at a kiddie amusement park is too. Even a statue.


Ah, there’s Louie, at his organ again.

Is this a story from The Onion?

It would have helped to have name labels saying which one was Louie in the picture.

It took me a minute, but then I realized the clown is always the sad-looking one.

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After he was finished with it, they had to rename it Crusty the Clown…