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And why haven’t you entered, eh?

I don’t have the time. :frowning:

I should be making a new twitter bot (“News for Goats!”) and continuing work on my fairy tale generator, and thinking about starting the creation-myth generator, and buying my wife a valentine’s day card. :grimacing:

Or at least gleaning the gems from my existing bots, and wallowing in my former glory.


Also because it’s “just a broken-down guitar”.

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Get your ass to Mars Charybdis, son! Won’t take much time outta your day at all.

And the guitars are quite shiny and well-strung, too.

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Videos of homoerotic fellatio robot


(just look at it)

First it was comment censorship, then paid endorsements; will those fiends never stop?!?!?

[hurries to pawnship frequented by Man]

Two. Infinite. Earths. (totally not one of the sequels)

Coincidentally, this was on my wife’s Valentine’s Day card:

I do understand that much of the humor in that thread was pretty tasteless, but this is just predatory:

Has the grace at least to feel guilty about it:

THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED (this is the Black Iron Prison):

The Internet is for Cats (likely to keep us from taking the red pill and realizing we’re in the BIP):


3D printing tactile versions of sex offender’s home


Watch Adam Savage build a cosmonaut spaceprobe


Dirty minds think alike

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Does it come with decals, or do we hafta paint the d#$n thing?

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They’re on-sale THIS WEEK ONLY

Help me pick a Bowie

Remember when Guthrie went Electric?

Stomp Box kills Michigan Republican Delegate

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Thank G-d for 1973 Colleges! They’re always on the ball!

#Long live the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism!


Here is yet another way (plus, it’s fun for the whole family, and cleans up nice in the dishwasher)


Best GIF evar.

Is that bot becoming self-aware?

It’s been on a real roll lately. OTOH, it also didn’t post for 6 hours today because of internal errors. It is what it is.

It’s supposed to pull from older pages half of the time… but that only ever works when I’m running it locally from a console. I hope to get back to debugging that next month.

I feel a little guilty for posting so often in here… but so many of them amuse me.

If I’m swamping the place, please let me know.

Homoerotic Abe Lincoln bot was pretty good, too.

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In MKB’s absence, BB drops support for 64-bit science:

Effing Nixies (paging @nixiebunny)


Effing Moms


Came with a veggie - Employ a local zucchini into your asshole


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