Electric car maker Tesla said to be planning new factory in California


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I guess things must be going well for Tesla, last I’d heard they were only using a small fraction of the production capacity at their Fremont plant.

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They would have to be well nigh insane to deliberately open a new business in California.

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Presumably Tesla is pretty familiar with the pros and cons of operating in California by now. The company was founded in San Carlos, their first retail store was in Los Angeles, their global corporate headquarters is in Palo Alto and their current manufacturing plant is in Fremont.


Tesla has been making all the anti-electric people totally crazy by producing a high quality, better than gas vehicle that is is massive demand.

The real market is in China and they are right now diving into it headfirst. For an IC vehicle in China you must enter a ‘license plate lottery’. If you don’t win, you don’t get a plate. If you have an EV you get a plate automatically. This creates a huge demand for Electric cars that all the car makers are rushing to find a way to meet.

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Surely it should be a matter of public record? Tesla must need to get a bunch of municipal permissions to start up a car factory.

The LA Times article quotes the Lathrop city manager, so I think the negociations have been going on for a while now. These sorts of things stay confidential until they are pretty far along. For that matter, even if they weren’t being quiet about them, who would know? Lathrop is a suburb of Stockton, out int the middle of nowhere as far as major media outlets are concerned.

Yea, no one does anything here anymore. Except every single thing you use or eat - it was all either invented or perfected here and certainly grown here.
We’re only the 8th largest economy in the world and stuff. We’re the world’s fifth largest supplier of food and agriculture.
So yea, we’re a barren wasteland of no business.


Working at a manufacturing startup in Sunnyvale I can attest to the large number of hoops that must be jumped through, but mostly they are placed there by city governments- Lathrop’s officials may be far more lenient.

Especially if you offer them something they want.

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