Tesla sues California over coronavirus factory closure

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Elon Musk threatens to move electric-car company to Nevada or Texas

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He must have a crush on someone at the FTC.


I feel bad for his partner and bad for the baby, who incidentally is named X AE A-12. Those first weeks are really tough and he’s off being an idiot.

Call his bluff, California!



He’s not moving his factory to Texas. Ignoring the cost of moving a factory, Texas won’t let Musk sell Teslas directly to the public, sidestepping the dealership model. That is something up with which Musk simply will not put.


I love that within the space of 2 hours, we got a post lambasting Musk’s unhinged actions and this.


I don’t think I’ll ever understand billionaires. Once I’d hit the 5 million mark (maybe even less), and can live just fine off the interest, that’s where I’d retire.


Nothing wrong with retirement but it can get boring and make life seem pointless unless you’re well prepared for it. I have some very wealthy in-laws that spend a lot of time in therapy every year.
I’d do something blatantly useful like get involved in local politics, volunteer at the food bank, help out at a NGO that is actually trying to make people’s lives better etc.


I guess being born into mind-numbing wealth and privilege doesn’t mean your life is going to be easy after all.


Most definitely. I didn’t mean I’d sit on my ass, just not contribute to capitalism in the US.


I think becoming a billionaire is probably a bit like Hemingway’s description of bankruptcy. Which makes sense because both situations involve sort of accidentally going off the road of normal financial circumstances.

Because becoming a billionaire (as opposed to “normal” rich) is something that happens in the realm of abstract finance, it’s not like slowly growing your discount shoe store from humble beginnings, where you see it happening year after exhausting year. It’s more like, you’re not sure if you’re going to make payroll this month, and then two years later you suddenly realise you’re “worth” billions on paper. At that point it seems most people flip directly into a psychologically unhealthy phase involving sea-based experimental communities and such.

In fairness to billionaires, I think few of us would deal well with such a surreal turn of fortune. When people are suddenly hit with any extraordinary test of character, it’s rare to stick the landing first time. It’s just that with billionairism, the inevitable faceplants are impossible to sympathise with. Like, “oh no, your supermodels-only music festival turned into a fiasco, that makes me so grateful I only have to work three jobs to feed my kids”.

But it’s the dystopian world that makes billionaires that’s the real problem. If we fixed that, it’d probably save Musk as much as anyone. Not that that’s the important part.


It’s our duty to save them by taxing the f*ck out of them.


Not only that, but they’re an irreplaceable time to form a bond with the baby. This is especially important for fathers who naturally don’t have the same connection as a mother due to simple physical proximity (breast feeding, gestation, etc). He’s pissing it away picking fights that Alex Jones would be proud of.


Not unless he built it with big pop-out wheels and treads, Mortal Engines style.

He doesn’t sell them, he rents them.


The EV1 model doesn’t seem like solid ground to stand upon.

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Someone at Tesla needs to research how many of the execs and designers at Toyota went to Texas when they pulled the same thing.
It’s how Tesla got the factory to begin with…

What they will do is move the headquarters on paper only. Then the execs can stay in CA in the “regional office” and Mush (brain) can crow on Twitter about how he PownEd THe LiBS.

Mush needs rehab badly. He’s spiraling. He’s already been warned to utilize a twitter nanny to watch over his posting. I’m going to guess he’ll break in less than three months due to the stress, anxiety and drugs.
PS - I work for the next county East of Alameda. Whenever anyone says they are going to sue, no one from the given department ever responds. Only the county council will respond.


But it’s a pathology that this class has. They are not emotionally healthy people, not that many westerners are, but their particular issue means that there is no “enough” regarding accumulation. They simply want to acquire, acquire, and then acquire the rest. And they don’t regard limits on their accumulation, such as decent labor standards, actual market discipline, environmental limits, or realistic financing and not Federal Reserve financially enabled shenanigans to be in any way legitimate.
They believe this!

This is further problematic because in this world, dollars equal political power.

These “unfettered” billionaires, who in fact rely totally on bureaucratic, legislative, and Federal Reserve largess have the political power to force market discipline on the vast majority of us, while removing themselves from any discipline, legal or market induced.

They are, by far, the worst criminal class since feudalism.


Such a surreal accumulation of wealth is, in and of itself, inherently unfair.

There is no set of circumstances in which a single person could possibly “earn” more assets and influence than millions of their fellow citizens put together. The very existence of billionaires is obscene.