Tesla sues California over coronavirus factory closure

Ungrateful greedy fuckhead — thy name is Musk.


Years ago I read an interview with Carl Icahn. This was when he was “the shit”, raping and pillaging his way across the business landscape, and at that point, maybe not even a billionaire, but very, very wealthy. He acknowledged that once you reach a certain point, and that point is different for everyone, the money is somewhat meaningless. It’s all about the game and WINNING!! And if you look closely, unless their wealth is inherited, the billionaire class is hyper competitive. I mean, just look at their yachts, for crying out loud. ‘Ooh, Larry Ellison just took delivery of a 250’ yacht. Fuck that chump, mine’s going to be 350’, with THREE helipads!’


Please don’t make this more difficult than it has to be. At first I had no idea who or what you were talking about. The baby’s name is X Æ A-12 (pronounced with the emphasis on loon).


Presumably Musk was being paid to be there.

I wonder what his position on his employees smoking pot while working is. Or even on their private time. I wonder if there’s any other federal crimes he’s cool with his employees casually breaking. I mean, other than tax-evasion, health and safety, and pollution control laws. I’m sure he’s cool with those being ignored.

Being a role model is tough, what with people expecting you to be a model of the role.


so, if he actually makes good on his threat to leave, can the state please eminent domain his CA factory, set up a competing electric car maker (with cars sold at or slightly above cost to in state residents), and retain some ownership stake, in order to use some of the profits to take care of some of our other needs?

or are we still against sensible social-democratic solutions to our ever deepening problems?


Sure, Elon, c’mon.

It won’t be this year. It won’t be next year. But this will happen. And “business über alles” rules will change.


Man, I agree with everything you said. At this point you and I have no shared experience with Elon Musk at all. He is operating in an entirely unrecognizable world to us. That doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it helps explain it.

Unrelated: he tweeted a few days or a week ago (or more? time slides by like a greased pig these days) that Tesla stock was overpriced. Then the stock price dropped. Is that not the very stock manipulation he almost got in trouble for last year? But no one is saying anything about it this time. What the heck.


FTC’s antitrust division has been anemic across party lines


Is he going all Howard Hughes?

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Yep. Just a week ago Friday. TSLA opened that morning at $761, but after his tweet, plummeted to $701 by the end of the day. Lost nearly 10% of its value in one day.*

Umm, no.

His “$420 funding secured” tweet was deemed fraud because the funding was not, in fact, formally secured.**

There’s no law against a CEO expressing his opinion of his company’s stock price (thank goodness!) — and the fact that the market responds to such opinions doesn’t make it “market manipulation.”

The market-bots twitch at all sorts of doofus opinions :slight_smile:

Now, now. You’re not “no one!” Don’t think of yourself that way. :slight_smile:

* FTR, the very next trading day, the stock recovered all but $1 of the previous day’s loss, closing at $760. By the end of the week, it closed at $819.

So, yeah, boy, all us stockholders are just livid. /s

** He had informal verbal assurances from a Saudi minister that, should he decide to go private, the Saudi sovereign wealth fund would back his play as necessary. But that’s not really “secured funding.”

And here I thought his factory was mostly robotic…

That’s his Tweets.


Loon or LOONA?

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Behold the genius and his high school aspirations; do we really need another car manufacturer?

Yes, we need this one. Every Tesla on the road is replacing a gas-guzzling smog-producing Chevy or Volkswagen. Competition for consumer goods is a good thing.


Elon Musk is a twit. An interesting twit, but a twit nonetheless.


Luckily, other car makers agree that electric is the way forward. In response to their dirty diesel dealings, Volkswagen has started the process of only producing electric cars over the next 6 years. No more combustion engines after 2026. They have already done a lot of work to improve electric infrastructure to prepare for this. Things like partnering with Walmart to put charging stations up across the country.


I feel that to be in the worst criminal class one should commit actual and spectacular crimes.

One of the benefits of being a member of a powerful ruling class is that you get to decide what legally constitutes a crime. For example, raping one’s 13-year-old slaves was once perfectly legal in this country.


Musk has power and influence; in no sense does he rule or decide what is law. Edited to add: class is not a useful lens to examine Musk.