Electric carving knives for the holidays

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My mom’s is worn out after 50 years or so of hard use. Thanks for the tip!

You can cut angel food cake with them, too. And foam rubber.


Electricity? Bah humscrooge.



I love mine and, after several years, I no longer feel compelled to search for new things to slice. I’m good with big hunks of meat.


“Always reach for Hamilton Beach!”

Great time-saver for cutting up brisket from the smoker. Also good at cutting foam insulation into manageable chunks.

Planning a dinner party?


so, my problem with these is that literally everyone I know who’s had one (that’s my grandparents, one of my parents, and one of my ants/uncles) have served turkey with little pieces of cartilage when using these devices, because as they shave close to the breastbone (or other cartilage) the device seems to nick it without their knowing.

I’m biased because culinary school, but IMHO a proper, sharp slicing knife and a bit of practice makes turkey carving a breeze.

Also, I suppose if you’re a household that carves at the table (more common in the US I think), then it adds some wow factor.


Plus 1 to this. Plus ‘practicing’ gives you a great reason for having more roast dinners.

Where else would you carve?

The ceremonial dismembering of the roast is the whole point of the roast dinner on festive occasions, isn’t it?

Mind you the electric carving knife does give great opportunities for ‘accidentally’ spraying tiny bits of ripped off flesh and meat juices into the face of whichever relative has most annoyed you with asking “Are we going to get any food this century?”

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