Electric chopsticks make food taste saltier

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Hey, somebody had to post it.


You know what makes soup taste saltier? Eating the broth with a spoon instead of chopsticks.


Well, to be fair, the chopsticks are for eating the solid bits in the broth, and the broth is drunk direct from the bowl. So your comment really forces the question of why they haven’t wired up the bowl? Come on, Japanese researchers, get it together!


While I don’t eat the sort of food items that are best with chopsticks often, I do use them, in fact I used them yesterday in a Wagamama in London, but the last thing I need is some over-engineered rubbish to do what can be achieved by adding more soy sauce!

I mean, it’s specifically for moving people to a low-sodium diet, which is apparently a huge health concern in Japan. So more soy sauce isn’t an answer.

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