Electric kazoo


Wow, the thumbnail .gif looked like George W blasting on a kazoo.

And it makes a great sound!
/starts playing

/Great Cthulhu rises from the deeps of the ocean and destroys all human life.


I’ll buy one if there’s a fuzz pedal for it.

Um…(the body is invalid, try to be more descriptive, said the software.)

Ok. Christ, that was shit.

This item does not ship to Australia.

This has to be the first time I’ve ever been grateful for shipping restrictions.


It would be better in so many ways if it incorporated an actual Humbucker.

EDIT: Wow! TIL that’s not a trademark, but a term of art. Who knew? No, don’t answer that - probably everybody but me.

And a midi interface would be nice.

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My friend Creek plays the electric kazoo in our band: Band Sensations! He runs it through a Korg bass effects unit to wonderful affect!

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