Folktek's weird, beautiful, droning custom electronic instruments

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When the musician strums the wire with a violin bow:



If I am not mistaken, Arius Blaze from Folktek used to sell his circuit bent Casios on ebay back in the early 00’s. I really wanted one, he was way ahead of the curve in his builds, but they were way out of my price range at the time (just like these Folktek instruments are now.)

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Is it just me? Or is there no price mentioned?

I feel like I should don a saffron robe.

From their website. (BTW: It may just be me, but I smell many angry customers. And “normal” may apply to the copper model.):

The normal price of Resonant Garden is 1149 + shipping.

Covid has made some production matters slightly unpredictable. By placing your order you understand that you’re ordering pre-order and that you must be patient and wait. We do not offer refunds. If you cannot be patient please DO NOT purchase. Thank you

Please Read:

The intial run of these was copper but they are now and forever only available in GOLD.


I think it’s an “if you have to ask” type situation.


Awesome listening. It’s kind of inspiring to have in the background as I work on soldering or sharpening some tools.

They’re okay and all but they aren’t a patch on the Commodordion. Surely the greatest instrument ever made or that ever will be made?

(h/t Charles Stross)

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That Commodordion is beyond brilliant.

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