Electrical engineering is one of the most stable professions around, and this training can help get you there

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Um BoingBoing, this actually kinda crosses some ethical lines. The advertorial makes the (true) claim that Electrical Engineers have stable professional employment, and then hawks $60 worth of training that won’t actually make you an Electrical Engineer. In regular English, the ad is a lie.

Also, I don’t know if you vet the training materials, but electrical technology is most certainly an area where a little bit of knowledge can actually be very dangerous, to yourself as well as others.


This training will help you become an electrical engineer like a PADI dive course sets you up to become an astronaut.

This is, perhaps, the dumbest ad I’ve seen yet on BoingBoing … and that’s saying something.


I’m a PE electrical engineer. The claims about my profession are true. This bundle could be useful as a “find out if this is the kind of thing you like”. Pretty useful then for kids in high school who are trying to figure out if this is going to be their thing.

Even a technician in my field will need a minimum 2 year technical training course, and a ABET 4 year degree would be needed to work as anything titled engineer.


As someone who has a Bachelors in EE I have to say I’d be impressed if you can learn more than the most casual understanding about any specific facet of electrical engineering from an online course. At least no more so than reading through Wikipedia.

Also EE can almost be summed up as, “Do you like math?”

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Depends… power engineering (renewables etc) is not heavy in real math. There are occasional PID loops and diff eqs in controls, but really not much anywhere else… 99% of what we do can be done with a 4 function calculator.

Being a really good engineer does depend on a rock solid knowledge of circuits (at least in my field - comms and microelectronics that probably is not as true.)

People were shocked when I took an online electrical engineering degree!


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