Mechanical engineering is just as tough as you think. But with this training, it’s not impossible.

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So I can get an engineering degree from the Boing Boing Shop for $30 now :thinking:


Wow! 17 hours worth of training! That only leaves you needing [checks…] 4 more years of training from an accredited university to actually become an engineeer!


The only thing different between this and much of the (predatory) for profit higher education system is the amount of cash outlay/debt required. Both prey on the same sort of person who is unlikely to actually better their situation through the product offered.


I just looked, the last 5 posts were all bbstore shitposts and they were all made in about 7 hours. I wonder if the BB staff use a browser plug-in so they don’t have to see this garbage. Sure would be nice if my desktop blocker plugin worked on mobile…


And you’ll be on your way to making “a nearly six-figure annual income”!!!1!!11!

Also, calling five random courses “The Complete Mechanical Engineer and Design Certification Course” is total BS. It is nothing of the sort. It’s the instructional equivalent of goulash made from leftovers.


Hey! Don’t you dare dis my goulash yaki-udon!


I dunno, 17 hours seems like a lot. There must be an easier course out there.


$10,000 is five-figure. That’s nearly six.


Those of us in other engineering departments (BS ChE) always knew that the ME curriculum was less “strenuous” than ours. We all took Mechanics of Materials but Sheet Metal Design must have been one of their upper-level courses.
This is a joke.


do you want to design the next Leaning Tower of Pisa , or maybe get the qualifications to work as part of an engaging team designing nuclear faculties like Chernoble and Fukushima? or even make your name in avionics building a dream liner to compete the 737 max? or maybe you want to skip our engineering courses all together and take our coding courses to create the next Windows Vista. act now it could all be yours.

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If you count the figures that come after the decimal point then $1000.01 is a six-figure salary!


As a ME myself I can’t honestly claim that my degree was more “strenuous” than a degree in Chemical Engineering (which is all witchcraft and dark magic, as far as I’m concerned) but I’ll bet you that it comes in handier in day-to-day life. I’ve built plenty of fun home projects in which my mechanical training proved useful. How much chemical engineering do non-meth-cooks do at home for recreational purposes?

Granted, ChEs do tend to earn more money, but that’s primarily because the majority have sold their souls to the petroleum industry.


I knew that that statement would get a rise out of someone. :wink:
I really only said that so I could make fun of this ridiculous “course”. I have nothing but respect for ME’s, the CE majors were the ones that we made fun of.

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