Looking to jump into an IT career? Learn faster online

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As someone with an IT career…


Yeah that’s something I always ask myself when I see such online courses: Is there truly a benefit (in regard to getting a job) doing these certificates? An employer is probably laughing someone right out of the door if he’s showing up with something like this, right?

Note: I have no interest in IT jobs but see similar courses all over the internet.



It’s no different than a degree from a fancy University. The benefit is it looks good on a resume and can help get your foot in the door past the recruiter gatekeeper, but no serious interviewer will likely care all that much.


I was referring more to starting the IT career. Cause while I mostly like what I do most of the coworkers were annoying nerds with the social ability of a slug or brogrammer types.


Just say “Blockchain” three times, and you’ll have a great vapor-career!

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The money is (still) kind of good. But of course, not as good as it used to be, so, no longer a reason to jump into this profession regardless of personal inclination… But really, it has gone downhill a bit. Gone are the days where you could work in peace because management had no clue what you were actually doing. Well - they still have no clue - just enough to bombard you with buzzwords and changing requirements and use you as a Scrum pawn - an exchangeable office drone like all the others.

Also… because nerds? :smiley: If you love highly technical work and fidgeting with complex systems for days on end and have good stress tolerance, go with it. But pick your jobs and don’t be afraid to leave when it gets tedious or they give you any shit. An nice aspect is that IT is required through all trades and industries, so you can really get around and see different things.


Yep. Can confirm that this cert is better than no cert.

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