Why you should add an ITIL certification to your resume

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Is ITIL still a thing? I thought it went the way of Six Sigma.


Pro Tip: Most serious interviewers won’t give two shits about the certifications you list on your résumé. But for some people they feel better when they have them - so, you do you. But it likely won’t make much of a difference as a hire or no-hire decider.

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But if you do like being randomly pinged by recruiters, go ahead and get that AWS Associate Solutions Architect qualification and put it on your LinkedIn…

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If you like to be randomly pinged by recruiters, all you have to do is to be on LinkedIn.

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Public sector IT here: My org has drunk of the ITIL Koolaid. So if you wanna grind out projects to a TLA, uh, go for it.

I can’t speak for its broader health; but I can confirm a somewhat uncomfortable meeting wherein the ‘resources’ were invited to discuss how they could be more strategic to the organization in the service of a higher ITIL maturity level.

I refrained from suggesting that Thetans were probably a factor to be looked into; more out of fear of agreement than out of enthusiasm.


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