Electronic makeup


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I need this, badly.


I see a Babylon 5 reboot in my future. :laughing: I like physical effects more than CGI because of reasons but getting and keeping good actors in science fiction is hard for shows. On the most extreme end, Virginia Hey stopped acting on Farscape because of medical complications caused by makeup. Lots of actors don’t want to spend 3-5 hours in a chair to put the make up on every day of a shoot.

*grudging* All hail our CG overlords.


But if you get up from the stool, your makeup splashes all over the wall behind you.


I didn’t thought of this. Now I need it badly, too.


Higher resolution video: https://vimeo.com/103425574


While what they are showing here (image projections onto a face) wouldn’t really be a substitution for makeup for actors I’m sure all the pieces are there for doing what you describe. Hell, this video is a couple of years old so the tech has progressed significantly from this anyway.


It’s the same as The Haunted Mansion only instead of always projecting a front view image onto the front of the head, sometimes it projects the image of a rotated head onto the head as it rotates.


So this is an “art” thingy?


Hovering projection drone. Weren’t there some Jack Vance stories where people had these doodads hovering round theitr heads did stuff for them? What were those books called? The thingummies were called Ioun Stones as I recall.


So, a couple of shoulder mounted pico-projectors, single board computers, battery back-pack…

I do wonder what the actual room light was, at some moments it looks like they’re projecting darkness on her face, the lips, the eyebrows…


It doesn’t do a very good job of hiding her spots.


but, mostly:


Is there any way to make spots only visible in UV, and track them with a UV-filtered camera?



No no, this is face tracking software. If you set it up right, you could probably use it to project whatever you want in a big theater.


But will it work with snakes?


They’re still working on cutting down the stache-lag.


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