Electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, RIP

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This was wicked cool movie, the original is good if you can get it with the subtitles.


I love this era of electronic music, but I really know very little about it. I look forward to digging into his music more, although I wish I’d done so before he died.

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Klaus released a ton of albums, he wasn’t a super curator, he just released whatever he was doing, so a lot highs mixed with a lot of lows.

Stranger Things and darkwave owe a ton to his late 70s/early 80s work though, one example from Sense (1980)


A little more obscure but great is the Darkside Of The Moog series with Pete Namlook: Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook - The Dark Side Of The Moog 1 - YouTube



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Tangerine Dream played this in an extended version as Coldwater Canyon on the 1977 album Encore. Great to listen to late at night in the dark.


Savage Henry was brilliant and the only comic book in history to feature The Residents, Klaus Schulze, and Cthulhu.

All great and fortunate rebirths to you, Mr Schulze.


Dang! On a whim yesterday I was listening to this concert w/ him and Al and Stomu and Stevie and friends.

I heard Picture Music on late night FM way back when and it still works for me.

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The music was my intro to electronica, by the time I got to Germany in the early 80’s and saw KraftWerk [small venue in Bremerhaven] I was hooked. Shout out to Tomita [means abundant rice paddy] Snow Flakes Are Dancing, awesome listen…


Snowflakes are Dancing is one of my longtime faves! The Star Hustler (AKA the late, great Jack Horkheimer) used that album’s Arabesque No.1 as his theme, which is how I got hip.

My BF took me to see Roedelius a few years ago, at a V intimate venue, and it was magical. What a sweet man. He performed some songs with Tim Story, w/whom he’d collaborated on the album Inlandish. It’s a beautiful disc, and I ahem highly recco it.


In 1974 my then GF and I were into anything out of the ordinary, Tomita, Tangerine Dream, KraftWerk were on rotation nightly, wow that was almost 50 years ago. Nothing can compare to sitting listening to these artists while the snow outside piled up, the wind howled, and we were young.


I would like to have a word with all of you.
That is all.

Always wanted to see that movie because TD did the soundtrack, but never got a round Tuit.
I did see Miracle Mile, though.

True, that.
Rubycon & Ricochet are my all-time favorite Headphone albums.

I remember Savage Henry from reading about the adventures of the Post Brothers in HM, back in the day… didn’t know he had his own comic, though. Sounds interesting…

I had the Pictures at an Exhibition album, but can’t ask for a more solid recommendation for this one.

Same here… along with Pink Floyd, et. al…

Seems like yesterday… or >creak< >groan< a couple hundred years ago…
Still have TD in the mix, though.

Adios to Klaus Schulze, one of the original Music Melters.


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