Pioneering German new wave music: La Düsseldorf's "Time" (1976)


Aw, this takes me back …
This was good material for the driving-at-dusk mixtapes.

What’s next, Holger Czukay?

Wow! Very cool! Maybe it’s just my job, but discovering a near-forgotten music or band like this is usually the high point in my day.

A few months ago I was listening the Sunday night radio show Windmills Of Your Mind on KXLU, a fantastic show of pastoral, psychedelic folk and miscellaneous rarities of the mid-60s to mid-70s. Near the end DJ Taylor played this, it instantly became one of my all-time favorite songs. Just like that. Strange that I’ve loved krautrock for years and years and La Düsseldorf went under my radar for so long.

Could be the job, but I’d go with ‘refined and sophisticated taste in music’.

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