Elfquest audio movie kickstarter ends today

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This sounds good and all, but the term “audio movie” has plunged me into deep thought over the idea of a non-moving audio picture.

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Pretty sure Warhol beat you to it!

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Did he make an LP of Joe Dallesandro not wearing any clothes, where the groove is just a single dot on a blank vinyl disc?

I love audioplays. This one isn’t exactly 100% just audio, you do have to read along but i went to a live performance of it here in Austin some years ago with my brother and it was immensely fun. They would even do the sound effects live

I would love to work on one of these in a heartbeat :slight_smile: I also have fond memories of listening to some parody drama radioplays in Venezuela, it was wickedly funny.

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I think I prefer the original llustrated radio play but to each their own.

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