Eliot Spitzer, former NY governor and CNN TV host, accused of choking a woman

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If you’re going to get choked, few places are a classier blackout wakeup than the Plaza.

Oh Spitzer. Remember when you were AG and used to prosecute people?


He should know better that you usually have to pay extra for that…


Probably another sex worker, but I’m not interested enough in perusing the sordid details to find out. I’m not against a line of work that I actually think should be legalized, but I also don’t understand the appeal. What drives men to it, especially when hiring someone for sex has led to so much trouble and disgrace for them in the past?


Read the NY Post article and it seems that Spitzer hasn’t learned his lesson.

Get a prostitute…:heavy_check_mark:
Get off on pseudo-choking…:heavy_check_mark:

It also sounds like the case will be closed since the Russian woman has flown back to Russia.


You think? A 25-year-old Russian woman who goes to a hotel to be choked by a wealthy man in his 50s? No way, I’ll betcha she was getting some tutoring on her English.


I used to so look up to him, once upon a time. Fucker proves that he didn’t deserve a second chance.


Maybe he did?

Mmm, yes, those cunning linguistics…



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Maybe he does not want to fcuk anyone he knows, or vice versa?


Is Roger from American Dad completely or just mostly based on Spitzer?

I know someone who ids exactly like Roger the Alien in every way. He’s… exhausting, to say the least.

(paraphrasing) “Victim doesn’t want to press charges”.

I think this is the worst misconception about the American criminal justice system. It is never up to the victim whether or not they wish to “press charges”, and indeed, there is no such thing. The police write a report. The report is given to the District Attorney’s office (or whatever they are called in the relevant jurisdiction) and the DA decides whether or not to file a criminal case. Victims can elect not to cooperate with the DA, but in some cases, that can result in their facing criminal charges or contempt.

This post has nothing to do with Spitzer; just bad reporting…


That’s true. But if the victim refuses to testify, the defense isn’t allowed to cross examine and this hinders a vigorous defense.

Now if they had another witness to the attack, that may be sufficient. However, lacking any testimony on behalf of the prosecution (i.e., victim, witness)…I doubt any charges will be filed.


What do you think Spitzer is having for dinner tonight?

Somehow I suspect someone like Spitzer is capable of achieving trouble and disgrace in any sexual relationship. Maybe he figures sex workers are less likely to fight back or to be believed if they press charges against him. Which sadly is probably true on both counts, most especially when those sex workers are women.


Because I can’t help it…“Is Eliot Spitzer going to have to choke a bitch?”

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